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International Shipping 非香港地區郵寄

我們提供非香港地區郵寄服務,顧客可在網站透過國際信用卡或Apple Pay等電子支付方法付款。

We provide international shipping options. Customers can pay via VISA/ MasterCard/ American Express/ Apple Pay/ Google Pay.

Shipping Method 運送方法


We ship all the products by AirMail with a tracking number. Customers can trace their package. We provide two mailing options: Fastest / Standard AirMail. Some regions are restricted to one option only.


If there are stocks in our warehouse, we will send out the products you order the next day after the payment. If there are no stocks (as stated in the product page), it takes about 7 - 10 working days for the products to arrive in Hong Kong. We will ship them the next day after their arrival. 

We will inform you and provide a tracking number once the products are shipped.

Shipping Duration & Fee 運送時間及費用

運送時間 = 包裹寄出後送到顧客地址所需時間。Shipping Time = the time between we send out the products and delivery to your address. 

工作天 = 不包括星期六、日及工作假期。Working days = days excluding Saturdays, Sundays and public holiday. 

Macau 澳門



Taiwan 台灣



United States 美國

Fastest: 2 working days (HKD $350)

Standard: 7-14 working days (HKD $230)

Singapore 新加坡

Fastest: 2 working days (HKD $190, SGD~$33)

Standard: 7-14 working days (HKD $65, SGD~$11)
**Special offer: Free on orders over HKD $1500 (SGD~$260)

Malaysia 馬來西亞

Fastest: 2 working days (HKD $200, ~107RM)

Standard: 3-8 working days (HKD $65, ~35RM)

Australia 澳洲

Fastest: 2 working days (HKD $300)

Standard: 7-14 working days (HKD $90)

Canada 加拿大

Fastest: 2 working days (HKD $300)

Standard: closed due to COVID-19

United Kingdom 英國

Fastest: 2 working days (HKD $240)

The shipping may require a longer time due to COVID-19 in U.K.

Switzerland 瑞士

Fastest: 1 working day (HKD $360)

Standard: not provided

關於其他地區的查詢,請聯絡我們For customer from other regions, please contact us